Sustainability Through Reprocessing

Suture Passers

Suture Passers

Stryker, the nation's leading provider of reprocessed medical devices, has FDA clearance for suture passer models originally manufactured by Cooper Surgical. To obtain these clearances, Stryker must submit validation protocol to FDA that demonstrate cleanliness and sterility, material integrity and 100% functional performance—ensuring our partners receive safe, functional devices for use. Through reprocessing, Stryker allows hospitals and surgery centers to realize substantial supply cost savings and reduce environmental harm while improving quality of care.

Technical Summary:

Stryker’s reprocessed suture passers include three components: one suture passer, one 5mm suture passer guide, and one 10-12mm suture passer guide. A suture passer guide is inserted into a trocar wound site, intended to introduce suture through soft tissue during endoscopic/laparoscopic surgery to allow full closure of a wound.

Stryker reprocesses suture passers originally manufactured by Cooper Surgical.