Component resourcefulness is integral to device reprocessing; however, in certain instances we must replace components to ensure safety and effectiveness. When replacing components, sourcing environmentally friendly replacements is a top priority.

  • The MyoSure shroud* is replaced with a bio-based plastic that is manufactured using sustainably sourced trees. Not only does this allow for reduced reliance on petroleum-based plastic, but for every two trees that are removed for the bio-plastic, three are planted, thus safeguarding this renewable resource for future generations.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) often shows up as a chemical of concern for our healthcare partners. To better align with their chemical reduction goals, we’ve sourced PVC-free tubing.

*Replaced with bio-based plastics substitute on the MyoSure, REACH, XL and XL for fluent models

  • When compared to the original equipment manufacturer, our packaging weight has been reduced by 34%, which, over 5 years, will result in a 53,000 lbs. reduction in material.
  • Not only are our secondary and tertiary packaging made with recycled content and printed using renewable soy ink, but our packaging itself is recyclable in typical hospital recycling streams.

We’ve identified synergies in our cleaning lines to better optimize the use of water and necessary chemicals. Overall, we’ll reduce 164 gallons of water each time a batch of devices goes through the cleaning process by incorporating water efficiency techniques.