Catheter introducer
sheaths (CIS)

Includes Agilis NxT™ originally
manufactured by St. Jude Medical

Used in electrophysiology (EP) and Cardiac Catheterization (CCL) labs and procedures indicated for introducing various cardiovascular catheters into the heart, including the left side of the heart through the interatrial septum.
Decontamination and cleaning:

  • Accepted sheaths undergo partial disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning and the use of enzymatic detergents for cleaning of inner and outer surfaces of sheathing.
  • Numerous validation tests are performed using highly sensitive measurement techniques to confirm cleaning effectiveness of the sheath, including the inner lumen

Inspection, reassembly and performance testing:

  • Components are thoroughly inspected under magnification to ensure each component meets cleanliness and surface defect requirements
  • Devices undergo controlled performance testing including bi-directional steering range, curve profile assessment and hemostasis valve integrity testing

products-cis-tubesAfter use, the sheath should be flushed, the stopcock should be left in the closed position, and the device should be collected in a Stryker provided collection tube.

The platinum plus program is a value-added service designed to promote sustainability and financial value for EP labs. This one-stop service provides supply cost reductions through the recycling of select catheters and their removal from the waste stream.

  • All EP labs are eligible for this program
  • Precious metals are recycled, such as platinum from catheters, in exchange for a payment based on platinum’s market value
  • Use funds from the program to pay for future purchases, thereby lowering supply costs

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