Used in electrophysiology (EP) labs and procedures indicated to provide a conduit/connection between each diagnostic or ablation catheter and the corresponding equipment console.

Decontamination and cleaning:

  • All cables undergo a thorough decontamination process that includes manual cleaning, brushing and visual inspection under magnification
  • Stryker adheres to all cleaning protocols provided in the original manufacturers’ instructions for use

Inspection, reassembly and performance testing:

  • All cables are tested for electrical performance through end-to-end testing (continuity), lead-to-lead testing (isolation), and high potential current leakage
  • All ablation cables undergo performance testing to ensure proper functionality
  • Serialized tags allow for comprehensive device history and life cycle tracking, ensuring cables are never reprocessed beyond their maximum number of cleared cycles

products-ep-trayAfter use, wipe down the cables with clean, wet gauze to remove excess debris. Then, while loosely coiling the cables, place them in a Stryker provided collection bag.

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