(EP) catheters

Includes EP catheters originally manufactured by Bard Electrophysiology, Biosense Webster, Boston Scientific, Irvine Biomedical Inc., Medtronic and St. Jude Medical

Used in electrophysiology (EP) labs and procedures indicated to pace and transmit electrical signals with platinum electrodes (conductive metal bands) from the heart.

Decontamination and cleaning:

  • Accepted EP catheters undergo prolonged soaking, cleaning and rinsing in pH-neutral enzymatic cleansers and sanitizers that are compatible with all device materials
  • Testing to measure and/or calculate continuity to verify functionality as well as isolation (cross talk), to detect any breakdown of electrical insulation
  • Short circuits are detected by measuring the resistance between each pair of electrodes

Inspection, reassembly and performance testing:

  • Components are thoroughly inspected under magnification to ensure each component meets cleanliness and surface defect requirements
  • Device curves are measured against standard templates to ensure the direction, shape and plane of the curve meet Stryker’s established criteria
  • Tip protectors are placed on fixed curve catheters to ensure that the radius of the curvature remains unchanged
  • Confirmation of cleanliness is accomplished by daily lot testing of bacterial endotoxins to an established acceptance criteria of less than 20 endotoxin units per device

products-ep-trayAfter use, wipe down the catheters with clean, wet gauze to remove excess debris. Then, while loosely coiling the catheters, place them in a Stryker provided collection bag. Catheters with a complex shape, such as Lassos, need to be packaged in the Universal Collection Tray.

The platinum plus program is a value-added service designed to promote sustainability and financial value for EP labs. This one-stop service provides supply cost reductions through the recycling of select catheters and their removal from the waste stream.

  • All EP labs are eligible for this program
  • Precious metals are recycled, such as platinum from catheters, in exchange for a payment based on platinum’s market value
  • Use funds from the program to pay for future purchases, thereby lowering supply costs

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