Reprocessed products
in the OR

Arthroscopic shavers

Laparoscopic instruments

LigaSure sealers/dividers

Suture passers


Ultrasonic scalpels

The science of reprocessing in the OR

Includes strict, repeatable validation tests required for FDA 510(k) clearance such as:

sampletabsIdentifying devices with unique barcodes ensures control of reprocessing cycles.

disassemblyDevices are disassembled to base components (where applicable) to facilitate cleaning and inspection

comprehensivecleaningDevices are subjected to tailored, validated cleaning processes that render the components clean

reassemblyUsing only components that pass stringent tolerances and met defined standards, finished devices are reassembled (where applicable)

performancetesting100% of all devices are function tested and inspected to ensure performance

sterilizationDevices meet all industry standards for packaging and sterilization


Collection efficiency in the OR

Collections are customized to fit your hospital’s footprint. Our containers have been designed to ensure we maximize your collections regardless of space and size limitations. The program is built for speed with minimal extra work for hospital staff.

  • The staff should place direct energy devices, trocars, shavers, arthroscopic wands, suture passers, scissor tips, laparoscopic instruments, bits, burs and blades in the 17-gallon teal Stryker containers. Just place them in the bins and Stryker will do the rest!
  • Our representatives will collect these containers, on a schedule that meets your facilities needs, and ship them to our reprocessing production facility in Lakeland, Florida.