Includes models LF4418 non-coated,
LF1723, LF1737, LF1744 and LF1837
originally manufactured by Covidien.

Used in general and laparoscopic procedures where ligation and division of vessels, tissue bundles and lymphatics is desired. Reprocessed LigaSure Sealer/Dividers can be used on vessels (arteries, veins, pulmonary arteries, pulmonary veins) up to and including 7 mm.

Reprocessed LigaSure devices are distributed to customers in case quantities of six (same as the original manufacturer).

Decontamination and cleaning:

  • Devices accepted through the receipt and sorting process are disassembled and separated into sub-components
  • Each device component is subjected to a decontamination and cleaning process that includes the use of enzymatic cleansers and disinfection agents compatible with all device materials
  • After components are thoroughly cleaned, they are placed in a custom vacuum drying chamber to extract any residual moisture
  • The devices then undergo inspection for damage and non-conforming parts

Inspection, reassembly and performance testing:

  • Components are first inspected to ensure each component meets Stryker’s strict acceptance criteria. Stryker technicians inspect every component for damage and non-conformance with quality standards
  • After reassembly, all devices undergo in-line performance testing
  • Additional in-line performance testing includes proprietary test equipment used to evaluate electrical function, including button activation, to ensure the appropriate level of energy is delivered

products-17gallon-binIt is critical to never cut the cord of a LigaSure device as this will prevent the device from being reprocessed. It should be collected in designated 17-gallon collection containers in the operating room.

Savings Direct is a program that enables healthcare organizations to manage their reprocessing programs internally, and is designed to support their efforts to reduce supply costs and environmental impact. Participating organizations drive collection and shipment of single-use devices (SUDs) to potentially maximize their savings.

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