Suture passers

Includes models originally manufactured
by Cooper Surgical (Inlet Medical, Inc.)

A suture passer consists of 3 devices: a Carter-Thomason suture passer, one 5mm suture passer guide and one 10-12mm suture passer guide. The suture passer is intended to pass suture through soft tissue.

Decontamination and cleaning:

  • Upon arrival, suture passers are inspected for damage, contamination and end of service markings that will prevent successful reprocessing of the device
  • Devices are then brushed to remove debris, cleaned using an enzymatic solution and tested for functionality of the handle
  • Suture passers are then irrigated using a manifold to pump solution through the device
  • The clean suture passers will then undergo a vacuum drying process

Inspection, performance testing, packaging and sterilization:

  • After drying, devices are visually inspected to ensure that they are free of contamination, cracks, or damage to the device
  • The devices then undergo functional testing of the handle and are pad printed with a Stryker logo
  • The suture passers are then packaged and sent to sterilization

products-17gallon-binSuture passers consist of 3 separate components, so it is important collect every component for reprocessing. Suture passers should be collected in designated 17-gallon collection containers.

Savings Direct is a program that enables healthcare organizations to manage their reprocessing programs internally, and is designed to support their efforts to reduce supply costs and environmental impact. Participating organizations drive collection and shipment of single-use devices (SUDs) to potentially maximize their savings.

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