Includes models originally manufactured
by Ethicon Endo-Surgery and Covidien

Used in laparoscopic general, gynecological, urological and bariatric surgery

Reprocessed trocars are distributed to customers in case quantities similar to those of the original manufacturers.

Decontamination and cleaning:

  • Every trocar is completely disassembled to base components for sonication and cleaning with enzymatic detergents.
  • Trocars undergo two parallel paths. The first path is an automatic cleaning line under which the device is cleaned using sonication, rotation and a combination of enzymatic detergents. The second path is a combination of ultrasonic cleaning using enzymatic detergents, brushing, disinfectant and rinses.
  • Each component is inspected under magnification to ensure the components meet strict acceptance criteria.

Performance testing:

  • After reassembly in custom-designed fixtures, all trocar seals are pressure tested to ensure pneumoperitoneum will be maintained during use.
  • Every trocar seal is lubricated to ensure smooth surgical instrument exchange
  • All stopcocks are tested individually for functionality.

products-17gallon-binTrocars should be collected in designated 17-gallon collection containers.

Savings Direct is a program that enables healthcare organizations to manage their reprocessing programs internally, and is designed to support their efforts to reduce supply costs and environmental impact. Participating organizations drive collection and shipment of single-use devices (SUDs) to potentially maximize their savings.

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