tourniquet cuffs

Includes models originally manufactured
by Stryker and Zimmer

Pneumatic tourniquet cuffs are single- or dual-bladder inflatable cuffs designed to apply pressure on the arterial blood flow in a limb to create a bloodless surgical field. The tourniquet system consists of a pressure regulated control unit, hose assembly and an inflatable tourniquet cuff. The cuff inflates with air to a preset pressure to compress the patient’s blood vessels during surgical procedures, thus ensuring a bloodless operative field.

Decontamination and cleaning:

  • Reprocessed tourniquet cuffs are decontaminated and cleaned through a multi-step process that involves pre-treatment of visible soil using cleaning agents, tailored to all soil types

Performance testing and inspection:

  • Every tourniquet cuff is inspected throughout various steps of the production process to ensure non-conforming products are rejected. Devices are inspected for debris, contamination and for overall device integrity
  • Tourniquet cuffs are inspected to ensure tubing is not kinked, which could potentially restrict pressurized air flow
  • All devices are inflation tested using a proprietary fixture that has an accuracy of detecting leaks as small as ±0.025 liters per minute

Quality control:

  • Routine quality control audits and daily monitoring ensure process integrity
  • Additionally, finished product performance attributes including cleaning end points are routinely subjected to random sampling and testing
sss-web-redesign-hamper-standPneumatic tourniquet cuffs should be collected in designated hamper stands.

Savings Direct is a program that enables healthcare organizations to manage their reprocessing programs internally, and is designed to support their efforts to reduce supply costs and environmental impact. Participating organizations drive collection and shipment of single-use devices (SUDs) to potentially maximize their savings.

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