Savings Direct is a program that enables healthcare organizations to manage their reprocessing programs internally, and is designed to support their efforts to reduce supply costs and environmental impact. Healthcare organizations that participate in Savings Direct drive collection and shipment of single-use devices (SUDs) to potentially maximize their savings.

  • Buy-back credits for collected devices
  • Extended order availability period of 30 days
  • Stryker will round up to a minimum of one case per collected device
  • All program shipping supplies are provided

Savings direct customers receive 50¢ for every operating room (OR) device and 15¢ for every non-invasive device (DVT compression sleeves, tourniquet cuffs and pulse oximeter sensors) received by Stryker. These credits can be used to purchase any reprocessed devices by Stryker.

To get started, one of Stryker’s field-based representatives will guide staff members through the implementation of Stryker’s unique collection systems and awareness programs. All supplies, containers and shipping labels are provided to Savings Direct customers.

Savings Direct customers receive support from a local Stryker representative, as well as a representative from Stryker’s division headquarters office. Both Stryker representatives work together to optimize reprocessing programs at every facility. In addition, customers receive 24/7 web access to a secure order management system to review account activity, device orders, and savings history.

What is ePams?

Electronic Partner Account Management System (ePAMs), Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions customer portal. Among other things, this site will allow you to view the details concerning real-time updates on savings and order status including date of shipment, quantity of items returned, delivery tracking and confirmation. It also provides valuable insights to optimize the procurement process while maximizing cost savings opportunities.

In addition to providing an online Help Guide, ePAMS offers the ability to track:

  • Real-time savings and historical comparisons
  • Order status by order or specific device
  • Order yield comparison
  • Order history with a real-time UPS ‘Proof of Delivery’ link

News user agreement terms (please fill out the information below to open an account):

Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions is committed to maintaining a secure environment for transmission of data at all times. Stryker takes a multifaceted approach to meet this commitment. As a user on Strykers’ ePAMS web-based customer information system you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Reprocessing Services Agreement between your facility and Stryker, including the provisions of confidentiality as agreed to by your hospital and Stryker. For a complete copy of the confidentiality terms for your facility, please contact Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions.

In addition, access to your account’s information on Strykers’ ePAMS web-based customer information does require an authenticated login, using your username and password combination. Usernames and passwords have been created using best practices for ensuring privacy. For security reasons, please do not share your username and password – this information is not to be shared with any outside parties. If it is determined that a username is being used by someone other than the authorized users your privileges may be temporarily suspended and your username and password may be changed.

Frequently asked questions

Please submit your request through ‘Supplies’ tab. You may also email your request to your Savings Direct service representatives.

OR devices ship to Lakeland, Florida with the white UPS label. Compression sleeves, tourniquet cuffs, and pulse oximeters ship to Lakeland, Florida with the green UPS label.

Product is reserved for your facility for 30 days from the date that the final quote is sent to you. The order does not need to be cancelled.

ePAMS provides all current open orders and details. If you do not currently have ePAMS access, please request access through the ‘ePAMS’ tab or contact your Savings Direct team directly and they will provide you with detailed information for all open orders.

You will receive an email reminder 7 days after the order generates. Because you may not always need the items on the first day, a reminder is sent at a later date.

The most common reason is the facility barcode label was missing when the box was shipped to Stryker. This label is critical, and needs to be affixed to the inside flap of every shipping box.

Are you a Savings Direct customer?
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